Need Financing For Your Building? No Problem…

DH Built provides building financing for:

  • Garages

  • Sheds

  • Studios

  • Storage facilities

  • Metal building

  • Commercial structures.


Originating purchase must be at least $2500, but you can finance any portion of your purchase. Credit approval is required, and co-borrowers are welcome for qualification if necessary. Once you know what building you need, and what your total purchase price is, applying is simple. Just submit our online loan application to see your approval and term options.

Shed and Steel Building Financing
  1. Decide what building is best for you. Get pricing at

  2. Apply for our Metal Building Financing

  3. You’ll be notified with approval and term options.

  4. We’ll complete your purchase order, and your building will be designed, manufactured, and delivered for installation just like a normal order.

Why Finance with DH Built?

We’re dedicated to improving the experience for our customers. With up-front, no-haggle pricing. Price match guarantees and the quickest turnaround times in the industry, our partners install hundreds of building across all 48 states. DH Built can help you find the best building for the best price that meets your needs. There is no better way to build Garages, Sheds, Studios, Storage Facilities, or Metal Building you need, the workshop you’ve always wanted, or the warehouse your company requires. Our structures are engineered and designed to meet or exceed your local loadings for wind and snow load, and plans are available to meet the requirements of any building permit.

With all these advantages to getting a sturdy structure, our building financing is simply the icing on the cake. We offer the financial flexibility needed to help you afford the building you need with a convenient payment plan. Garages, Sheds, Studios, Storage Facilities, and Metal Building Financing — all our structures can be covered. Simply fill out your application, and upon eligibility, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your new metal building by DH Built!