Build & Pricing

The Design, Order, and Delivery Process:

  1. Complete the Design & Pricing Form below - once complete you will receive a confirmation of receipt

  2. 3 business days to complete renderings - once complete you will receive a call from a DH design assistant to review your project.

  3. Modify designs - items like garage doors, walk in doors, windows, and lean-to's can be moved on the rendering.

  4. Approve renderings - renderings need to be approved before engineering and pricing - if renderings are approved please re-attach it to an email and send it back with “I Approve This Rendering”.

  5. Engineering and pricing - this usually takes about 7 business days unless it is a custom-building, barndominium, or designer series steel home which can take up to 3 weeks for material selections and interior engineering.

  6. Final approval, invoicing, and payment - when final designs and pricing are approved in invoice will be generated with your custom-building details, and timelines. Once payment is received you will get immediately slotted in for fabrication for the earliest delivery date.

  7. Delivery scheduling*** - once building fabrication hits the mid-point of production the delivery schedule will set.

        *** Average actual building manufacturing time is 7 weeks